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45.743.633 ltda ecoseg – consultoria, gestao e treinamentos


Overview of Ecoseg Consultoria, Gestao e Treinamentos Ltda (Registration Number: 45.743.633/0001-28)

Ecoseg Consultoria, Gestao e Treinamentos Ltda is a Brazilian limited liability company (LTDA) specializing in environmental and sustainability consulting, management, and training services. The company’s registration number, 45.743.633, reflects its entry into the business registry following Brazilian conventions for business identification numbers.

Operating as an LTDA, this business structure implies that Ecoseg likely has a minimum of two partners, each enjoying limited personal liability concerning the company’s financial obligations. The LTDA format is commonly chosen by small and medium enterprises operating in Brazil.

Registration Information:

– CNPJ (National Registry of Legal Entities): 45.743.633/0001-28 – 45743633000128

– Legal Business Name: 45.743.633 LTDA

– Trade Name: Ecoseg – Consultoria, Gestao e Treinamentos

Contact Information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone(s): (98) 98173-0005 (Call)


Ecoseg – Consultoria, Gestao e Treinamentos 45.743.633 LTDA

302 Rua Nascimento de Moraes/Rua 1, Room 04

Sao Francisco

São Luís, MA


Potential Legal and Regulatory Considerations

Businesses offering consulting services in Brazil are obligated to adhere to a range of legal and regulatory prerequisites contingent upon the nature of their specific operations. Noteworthy considerations encompass:

1. Registration and licensing requirements with federal, state, and municipal authorities.

2. Adherence to consumer protection, data privacy, and environmental statutes.

3. Fulfillment of contractual obligations with both clients and contractors.

4. Compliance with taxation, labor, and social security laws.

Similar to the establishment of any company, the founders of Ecoseg Consultoria, Gestao e Treinamentos 45.743.633 LTDA would have had to register with Brazilian authorities and adhere to requisite corporate, tax, and regulatory filing procedures. Continual compliance remains crucial.

Consulting Expertise in Sustainability

Given the evident environmental and sustainability focus implied by its name, Ecoseg Consultoria, Gestao e Treinamentos 45.743.633 LTDA likely specializes in offering advisory services aimed at assisting other businesses in enhancing their ecological policies, processes, products, and overall performance. This may encompass:

  • Sustainability Strategy Development and Planning
  • Waste, Water, and Energy Audits and Management
  • Carbon Footprint Assessment and Reduction
  • Certification Guidance for Standards such as ISO 14001
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Programming
  • Training Services in Sustainability Topics

Possessing comprehensive knowledge of Brazilian environmental regulations and business practices is essential for delivering impactful consulting services in this specialized field.

Considering the emphasis on a Brazilian LTDA entity offering distinct sustainability consulting services, this content would likely find its most relevant placement within your website’s Business Law or Environmental Law categories.

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